Have shovel will dig

DDH Construction

Have shovel will dig.

DDH Construction Small House

Tiny House, or small house? The difference is a tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. A small house is between 401 and under 1000 square feet. Some of the benefits of a smaller house are the impact on the environment, overhead cost to maintain, and the ability to heat and cool the house efficiently. You can be extremely energy efficient. We are only limited to our own imagination!

Tiny house under construction

There are so many others uses for tiny houses.

  • Move parents / grandparents on your property
  • Guest house 
  • Lake house or hunting cabin
  • Extra rental income
  • Start a business - hair salon, gun shop, thrift shop
  • Office  
  • Your own private getaway

Tiny house idea
Tiny house idea



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